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How a step-mom says “I love you.”

She is the most honest person I’ve ever known.  And she honestly didn’t like me for a long time after we met. Can you blame her?  I’m her step-mom, and as long as I was in her life, that meant

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“There you are!”

This is Laurel. She is my oldest daughter, my “sweet girl.”  She is my co-emcee of Special Olympics’ gatherings, my instructor in art appreciation.  She is the reason I am married.  And she turns 21 this week. I had never

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Please don’t hurt my baby.

This is Aiden.  He is my youngest son.  He is the most naturally happy of my 5 children.  He also has a genetic disorder called Noonan’s Syndrome. I share this with you because, as a result of his disorder, he has been enrolled

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Here’s your stocking stuffer this year!

If your teenagers are like mine, they have cell phones.  They’re on their cell phones constantly.  And their brains, as is evident from their behavior (!) are not as developed as ours.  Why is this relevant to a stocking stuffer? 

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I’ll be here when you get here.

This is my dad and my brother, Dave.  I am writing this blog as I wait for my brother’s plane to arrive.  He’s been texting me every hour or so to tell me his arrival will be late, then later,

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