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My pledge – I will never say “I’m so tired” ever again!

No more! My pledge on this Monday morning is to stop complaining about how tired I am.  I am so sick of the sound of my broken-record voice, I could just go get a Red Bull! I get up at

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I saw his hand on a loaf of bread

Will you indulge me this tender memory? My husband was slicing a loaf of bread the other day.  I watched him – his fingers so long and elegant, like a pianist’s.  He held the bread, talking casually with me and

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Is it love and logic or is it just love?

This is Ethan.  Ethan is a magical child.  He knows the lyrics of practially every song he’s ever heard.  He uses words like hippopotamus and ridiculous (although not in the same sentence.)  When I play him music to fall asleep

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The Goddess of Late for Work

I woke this morning at 2:45.  That’s what time I always wake up.  I turned the alarm off (can’t risk the snooze at that time of day), but I just couldn’t get out of bed.  I lied there looking at

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My Mama was right

When I was a little girl (how many great stories have begun with those words) my mother would react to my tantrums in the same way.  I have an image of her ironing in the dining room while I sat

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