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You’re so vain

She was the voice of my youthful longing, the one who helped me feel like I wasn’t going insane up in my bedroom with the ivy covered windows and the exposed radiator.  I loved Carly.  I loved her wide smile

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How a step-mom says “I love you.”

She is the most honest person I’ve ever known.  And she honestly didn’t like me for a long time after we met. Can you blame her?  I’m her step-mom, and as long as I was in her life, that meant

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Imagine a Happier You

Women think of debt like cellulite.  They don’t really know where it comes from or how to get rid of it, and they’re too embarrassed to ask anybody.  This is my experience.  We women start to tune out whenever anyone

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“There you are!”

This is Laurel. She is my oldest daughter, my “sweet girl.”  She is my co-emcee of Special Olympics’ gatherings, my instructor in art appreciation.  She is the reason I am married.  And she turns 21 this week. I had never

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Am I too driven?

I read the epilogue first.  Gail Miller talks about her life with Larry, their falling in love, their struggles as a young family.  What I wish I could ask her, if we could ever spend an hour together, is “Was

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