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“What you train, you do.”

“My heart pushed the bullet out,” he said. Literally.  Pushed it out. That was what happened to  just one of the 9 bullets that entered Utah State Parks Ranger Brody Young’s body two years ago when he was ambushed and shot

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Get back to work!

Is this unprofessional? My cubicle? I’ve been wondering about it for a while now, and then I read the much debated cover story from The Atlantic magazine, “Why Women Still Can’t Have It All,” and my wonder turned to concern.

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“Be excellent to each other”

I am asked to speak all the time, and it’s something I love to do.  Women’s groups.  Teacher’s groups.  Groups of managers in various companies and government agencies. A few weeks ago I spoke to the Utah School Nutrition Association,

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“Good things are coming.”

This is the way it’s been for more than 40 years.  His arm around me. There have been bumps in the road, of course.  For any two people who have suffered the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, you can’t

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Every shopper has a story

I was waiting for a prescription at Target the other day, just sitting on a bench next to the pharmacy, too tired to read or text or pay attention to much of anything.  So I just watched people. A mother

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