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Words of Love for Hate Speakers


I met a man today in Ogden who said some pretty harsh things to me a decade ago. “That was me,” he said as I was leaving a speech at the Convention Center. I paused and noticed he was holding

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The Loyal Opposition

I remember wondering at the end of the 2000 election,¬†which¬†never seemed to end, whether Al Gore would be able to let the Supreme Court’s decision against him stand with grace, even though he clearly believed it was incorrect? Would he

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Room Full of Heroes

I spent the evening in a room full of heroes this week. It was the Department of Public Safety Awards banquet. I was surrounded by men and women who serve all of us, every day, in extraordinary ways. I listened

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Was I unethical?

I have been struggling with the question today of whether or not I was unethical for having shared the contents of former Secretary of State Colin Powell’s email with you on the air this morning. His email server was hacked,

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Why do we hate us?

I write on the morning of September 11, 2016, 15 years after the horrible attack that ripped us apart . . . before it pulled us together as a nation. I, like all of you, will always feel a solemn

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