You’re so vain

blog imageShe was the voice of my youthful longing, the one who helped me feel like I wasn’t going insane up in my bedroom with the ivy covered windows and the exposed radiator.  I loved Carly.  I loved her wide smile on album covers.  I loved her hippy purses and floppy hats.  I loved that she married James Taylor and mourned when they got divorced.

I haven’t thought of her in a long time.  The only music I listen to lately is something fast enough to keep me running.  But I noticed today when I was checking the rundown that sweet Carly turns 65 today.  And I stopped.  I want to think of her, to remember what she gave me 30 years ago, and what she gives me still.

She gave me Boys in the Trees . . . “Do you go to them or do you let them come to you? Do you stand in back afraid that you’ll intrude? Deny yourself and hope someone will see . . .”  And she gave me Coming Around Again. . . “I know nothing stays the same, but if you`re willing to play the game, it`s coming around again. So don`t mind if I fall apart
there`s more room in a broken heart . . .”  And she gave me the anthem of all of us who had our hearts broken by HIM . . . “You`re so vain, you probably think this song is about you. You`re so vain. I`ll bet you think this song is about you
Don`t you? Don`t You?”

I miss my sister.  I miss singing to Carly with her.  I miss the way the willow trees would rub up against my sister’s window.  I miss reading The Secret Garden and dreaming about the boy down the street.  But I don’t miss Carly any more.  She’s right here.

In my ipod.

6 Comments on “You’re so vain

  1. I love childhood memories, when things were simple and pure. I also love Carly Simon – her music is just so…honest.

  2. I must say I do love the “your so vain” song. It’s so fun to sing to as well. Miss ya.

  3. Wow Amanda … well written! We’re huge Carly Simon fans in our home. 7 or 8 years ago my husband picked up a Carly Simon DVD and now our kids know all her songs too. Our oldest are singing them to their kids. She’ll live forever in our family!

    I heard you speak at a TOFW a couple of years ago in Vegas. You’re majorly fun. Every New Years Eve now as a family we each write negative things we’ve been hanging on to for the past year, go outside, light a fire, burn them up – and in Amanda-style, we “bless and release”. So , you’re also well known in our family.

    I have an inspirational blog and would love to offer one of your enlightening books as a giveaway. Please check out the blog and let me know if you’re interested. Of course, we’d want it autographed 🙂


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