I saw his hand on a loaf of bread

Aaron and meWill you indulge me this tender memory?

My husband was slicing a loaf of bread the other day.  I watched him – his fingers so long and elegant, like a pianist’s.  He held the bread, talking casually with me and our son, unaware of the feeling that was welling inside me.

Those are the hands that are holding mine in this life, I thought.  Those large, strong hands are helping me out of cars and up from the floor and into the world.  Those beautiful, powerful hands.  I felt for a moment like I had never seen anything more attractive.

Then the other day we were at the play place at South Town Mall with the little boys.  Aiden, our 2-year-old, kept trying to escape and run out into the mall.  Aaron was standing in the large opening, gliding back and forth to block his exit.  I saw Aaron in that moment the way another woman might, not the take-for-granted way I usually do.  He looked so tall, so lean with his long legs loose in an old pair of jeans.  If I had been someone else, not his wife, I might have had the thought, “Who is that handsome dad?”  Then I caught myself.  I AM the wife.  That handsome dad is MY husband.  I mouthed the words to him slowly so he could read my lips, “You – are – so – fine.” 

He shrugged.

I have had occasion in recent weeks to appreciate Aaron in a way I had forgotten to for some time.  What a blessing.  I vow not to forget so easily again.

4 comments on “I saw his hand on a loaf of bread
  1. Charla Haley says:

    Lovely, lovely Amanda. Thanks for the reminder that we all need to take a moment and appreciate those men who make our lives so special.

  2. Thank you for these sweet words. I think we all need to remind ourselves of why we are together with our significant others. It certainly helps in getting through the day to day ‘little’ things!

  3. I loved reading this, Amanda. I’m with you….I love the men in our lives. The Yin to our Yang.

  4. Sylvia says:

    I love this. Thanks for sharing.

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