My pledge – I will never say “I’m so tired” ever again!

blog imageNo more!

My pledge on this Monday morning is to stop complaining about how tired I am.  I am so sick of the sound of my broken-record voice, I could just go get a Red Bull! I get up at 2:30 every morning.  Waaaa!  Sometimes my youngest son doesn’t sleep well, so I’m starting on 4 or 5 hours (if I’m lucky.)  Double waaaa!  You all have stories of fatigue and burning it at both ends, too, I know.  My level of lethargy is not unique.

What I am beginning to appreciate is that “I’m so tired” has become the mantra of my life.  People expect it of me.  They often ask me when they bump into me in an elevator, “Shouldn’t you be getting home by now?  I bet you’re just beat.”  My husband has taken on the nickname of The Sleep Nazi as he entertains the little boys in the afternoon so I can have a nap and chases me to bed by 8:00 (even during the American Idol finals.)

“I’m so tired” is a self-fulfilling prophecy that makes me yawn even as I think those words.  The more I say it, the more exhausted I feel, the more self-pitying, the more I start looking around for a place to get horizontal and close my eyes.  Plus, it’s making everyone walk  around on sleep-deprivation egg shells.  (“Shhhhh!  Mama’s sleeping!!!!!!”)

I’m sick of it.  Enough!

From this day forward, when you ask me how I’m doing, I will not say, “I’m about to fall over dead!”  I will say, “I’m doing so great.  How are you doing?”  And it will be true.  Because I am doing so great.  And my fatigue, like the rest of my problems, is probably something you’d rather not hear about anyway.  A wise friend admonished me once, “Don’t tell people your problems.  Half of them don’t want to hear it, and the other half think you deserve it.”  Amen Sister!

There is power in language, our own and other people’s.  Today I begin to harness the power of energy through language.  When I remove all talk of fatigue and burnout, I make room for thoughts of energy and enthusiasm and life.  When the desire to complain sneaks in, when the words “I’m tired” pop up, I will breathe and picture myself as the energetic woman I know I can be.

So ask me how I’m feeling.  Go ahead.  Ask me.

8 comments on “My pledge – I will never say “I’m so tired” ever again!
  1. Holly Mullen says:

    Hey Amanda:

    Great post. I used to chant the same “I’m so tired” mantra when my two kiddos were little, too. It’s probably 99 percent legitimate and accurate at this point in your child-rearing life, so don’t be too hard on yourself. However…a friend once pointed out to me that many times when we complain of being so tired, our little ones are in the vicinity. They hear us, they mimic us. It’s like everything we say in front of the kids–they will follow our example. Do we really want our children growing up thinking it’s healthy and normal to whine all the time about being tired, about hating our jobs, about all the things we gripe about so cavalierly? I don’t think so. Onward, Amanda. You rock!

  2. Rebecca Batty says:

    Amanda, you are a much stronger woman than I will ever be! Thank you for your words and the idea to work on doing the same! You are truly an inspiration!

  3. Kim says:

    How cool that your husband chases you to bed! Is it fun? LOL

  4. Walter H says:

    Something I have been using is binaural beats – these sounds are amazing and can help you achieve more energy – better focus – more relaxed and for a good nights sleep.

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  8. Although I just read this after it has been posted such a long time, I can’t agree more. People don’t want to hear a complaint or negative things. Often, “How are you” is just a greeting and if people are really interested they’ll ask you more questions to learn how you “really” are.. Love you Amanda!!!

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