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11800581_1479109362402990_5220997303241626044_nThe first voice I ever heard on KSL Newsradio was Scott Seeger’s. He was reporting from the execution of Ted Bundy in Florida in 1989.

“They have reporters who go all the way to Florida to cover stories?” I remember thinking. I was preparing for my first interview for a weekend position at the station, and I wanted to get to know the people and the format. Mostly what I got was nervous.

After my interview with then program director Rod Arquette, we came out of his office into what was called the “bullpen.” There was a man with soft brown unkept hair and a beard to match with his feet up on the desk. Rod paused, “Amanda, this is one of our great reporters, Scott Seeger.”

The feet came down, and the reporter stood up. He had such a warm smile and an easy way. It was no wonder I fell in love with Scott. It is no wonder he has been one of KSL’s beloved voices for 34 years.

It is at the end of Scott’s time at KSL that I feel compelled to write about my former husband, colleague, friend, and mentor. No one covered a live event like Scott. He covered the San Francisco earthquake, not by assignment, but as a result of attending the game and transforming from fan to reporter in a single tremble. Scott covered the legislature for radio and television for years. I remember putting together a roast video for his 40th birthday that included good ribbing from the leaders of both parties at all levels of government. Everyone knew – knows – and respects Scott.

I had the pleasure and honor of being Scott’s wife for the better part of a decade. The phone often rang in the middle of the night calling him out to a story. He went without hesitation. When a mentally ill woman came into our building and started shooting, and the program director told Scott to go upstairs and keep us on the air, he went without hesitation. When the tornado blew across the street while Scott was on the air, he stayed and reported without hesitation.

Election night coverage, crime, fire, courts, whether tragedy or celebration, there was just no live reporting like Scott’s. His sense of scene, story and context were so powerful. These qualities are part of what made him such a wonderful host when he took on that role later in his career. I had the chance to co-host with Scott for a brief time before Grant and I started the morning show. It was lovely. Later, when Scott started hosting with Maria, I would hear his soft laugh, relating to the audience, or his live newsmaker interviews, every afternoon driving home.

People have asked me over the years how I get along so well with my ex-husband. I can take no credit here. The joy of our long friendship is attributable to Scott. He is such a quality, strong, good man he has made room for us to be friends with each other and all of our coworkers. How rare.

How rare you are, Scott.

We have sat two cubicles away from each other for many years. I have asked about your mother’s health as you have asked about my father’s. I miss your mother.

Not nearly as much as I . . . and KSL . . . will miss you.

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  1. This was a joy to read at the end of the day. Really nice tribute for an important person to you and many of us who’ve relied on his stories for years.

  2. WOW, I had no idea! When is (or was) his last day? I listen to them almost every day as I drive home from work in SLC to Lehi! Funny story, he probably wouldn’t remember this as he has had so many wonderful experiences compared to this minor detail. Sometime between 2000-2004, I won a couple of seats on the party bus to a BYU football game! The best memory is for the trip down he took guesses for arrival time to the stadium. I don’t remember my guess, but one of the other passengers guessed noon and I said, “wouldn’t that be 1160?” and he loved it! I won the prize…a piece of artwork by Paul James, it hangs in my home office to this day!

  3. Thank you for that touching letter Amanda, its exactly how I feel and couldn’t of expressed it nearly as well as you. Thank you my friend and Scott will truly be missed.
    Barry S.

  4. I’ve listened to KSL pretty much all my life. I now listen at my work. It keeps me informed, makes me laugh, makes me cry, makes me think. It’s just an important part of the quality of my life. I think of everyone i hear on the air as a friend. I miss everyone who is no longer there. Scott, you will be missed for sure! Best wishes foe whatever your will be doibg next!

  5. A class act and a great guy all around. Will miss your familiar voice on KSL. All the best to you, Mr Seeger.

  6. Scott is a classy guy and he will be missed. Amanda that is so great if you to write this about him. God bless both of you and your families.

  7. Nice, Amanda.
    You are both class acts. I’m truly glad it’s a “farewell” and not a eulogy. I’m looking forward to Scott’s next adventure.

  8. I also have enjoyed listening to Scott over the years too. He has such a natural radio voice that is easy to listen to. Will surely miss him.

  9. Your tribute is touching, Amanda. Scott really is a class act, someone I’ve looked up to for many years.

  10. I have fond memories of our years as neighbors. Although we never had a chance to do a lot of social activities together I remember the support you both did give to our son Tony when he went on his mission. Also conversing over the fence when Scott would come home and relax in the backyard (which wasn’t often enough)!

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