A love letter for Mother’s Day

A love letter for Mother’s Day

I received the best Mother’s Day present I’ve ever been given today. It was a letter from my husband. I know these things are usually personal, but I felt so moved, so transformed by it, as if he showed me what heaven looked like and took me there, that I want to share it with you.

Happy Mother’s Day to all of you who mother. I wish you can know the feeling my husband describes so beautifully here.


My Love,

On this, your 15th year as a mother, I wish I could send you to the Grand America spa where you would be pampered with all the beautiful things there.  A 90-minute massage, a hot bath, lunch by the pool, a facial, manicure and pedicure, followed by a long, peaceful sleep, in which you dream of all of us in Hawaii together.  Then you would wake to find all of us, your family that loves you, there surrounding you in a room full of flowers, ridiculously expensive gifts, notes of gratitude and love… and then smootherings of hugs and kisses.  It would feel like a dream, but real.  

That is the kind of Mother’s Day you deserve.  That I cannot give you that because of the way the world is now, makes me sad. But while this dream is just a wish, the reality is, you are surrounded by our love.  You are surrounded by so much love… a veritable garden of bounteous, colorful, sweet love.  If you could see it as it exists in our hearts, you would fall to your knees with wonder and awe. I imagine that in this garden, you would not only see all our children and me there, but next to them would be your mama, young and beautiful as you remember her in your childhood.  So proud and beaming with her special kind of love that only a mother can feel for her child. 

You papa would be there too, with his smile so bright and joyful… young and full of life as always, filled with pride.   Connie and Dave and all the nieces and nephews with their own expressions of love.  Your friends who remained loyal and kind, some still here, others who time had left to memory, but they too, all there to see you as you are today… beautiful, generous, kind, loving, inspirational, hard-working, long-suffering, colorful, glorious and full of light.  They would all embrace you, their eyes full of tears and words of love spilling like cool water.

They would all see the mother than you are and give praise and honor.  For you have exceeded all their expectations and dreams for happiness and a joyful life.  For they all know the rocky, painful path you walked to come to this place. The sacrifices and tears and blood you shed to climb this mountain.  They see how much you have labored and invested to give all of your children such beautiful lives of abundance, joy and and love.  They would see how much your children adore you.  And how much your husband worships you.  Here in this little garden of our home, all the flowers sing your praises. The Sunday light washes over you as if your mama and papa were somehow inside of it, touching your face for beyond.

So while today may not be the Grand America, no buffet or ridiculously expensive presents… there is what always is and always will be, in times of lavish celebration or in the small, quiet times… the abiding love of your children and me.  Indeed all those who have loved you along the winding road to this place here and now.  Our love for you as mother and wife… as daughter and sister and friend… can never truly be expressed in earthly ways.  How can a mortal fully know or comprehend something that other-worldly and profound?  I know we don’t express our gratitude and love for you in grandiose ways, and not perfectly and not as often as we all should, but we would be broken and lost without you. Our light, our sweetness and laughter would be gone.  This house laughs and sings and rings because you are in it. 

Someday when we are old and in our wheelchairs, that which will mean the most to us will be— each other and our grown children and our grandchildren.  The looks of love in their eyes, their smiles and words of love will again surround us within a garden of joy that cannot be described.  We will see in them all the years that have come before and be overcome with how quickly they passed.  We will long for time to slow down so we can savor every precious minute we are given. 

Today, I want to savor our life together and celebrate you, in this- a quiet and small Mother’s Day, here in the Sunday light.  Here in this garden with you… and our family.  There is nowhere I would rather be and no one I would rather be with.  Here with you is all that matters to me.  And here with you is all I want, now and all the days of our lives. 


Mother’s Day 2020 

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