Why Women Prefer The “Dad Bod”

When I read the survey a month or so ago about how women prefer the “Dad bod” over six pack abs, I totally related. In case you could not understand how this could be, allow me to explain. The Dad bod husband/boyfriend takes the pressure off.

My husband, who is closer to 60 than 50, has the rock-hard body of a man who works out three times a week and eats zero carbs. He’s an animal. I do NOT say this to brag about him. I say this to elicit your pity. How do I keep up with that? I ask you. How?

I try to put the ice cream container away before he gets home from the gym. I try to brush the cookie crumbs off the bed sheets before he walks in the door. I guiltily fall asleep exhausted when I know I should go for a run/walk. I let my gym membership expire at the beginning of the pandemic, and I haven’t gone back since. I just can’t keep up!

I know it’s not a competition. I truly am so happy that he is healthy. He is setting a good example for the children. In my brain, I know I wouldn’t want him to have weight problems or health issues, it’s just . . . once in awhile I wish he would come to bed with a package of Oreos and glasses of milk and say, “Let’s be bad!”

Why doesn’t it come naturally to me? Why don’t I want to go to the gym instead of Arctic Circle? Why doesn’t the way my body feels matter to me more than the way food tastes? I’ve fought with my weight all my life. Some years I seem to be able to get myself to move and some years I can’t get out of bed. 

The jury is still out on this year.

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