Am I too old to wear that?

blog imageI am 45 years old, half-way to 90, but like many of you – I just don’t feel it, at least most days.  Most days I feel 30, maybe 35.  I feel energetic, enthusiastic and curious, all the qualities I associate with youth.  But I did catch myself asking the question last week – am I too old to wear that?

The “that” in question was a pair of black boots that come slightly above my knees.  The heel is not as high as the one in this picture, 3 inches I think, but otherwise they remind me of these boots.  I tried them on at DSW (terrifyingly terrific place), and felt as kickin’ as I have felt in a very long time.  That was it.  Had to have them.

Having brought them home and shown them to my husband (“Oh . . . yeah,” was his slow reaction), I have yet to wear them in public.  I fear I may have bought something to make me feel young when I am not, in fact, so young any more.

How do you know when something you’ve bought is too young for you?  I mean – I don’t wear mini skirts or halter tops any more, not that I wore too many of those in the first place.  I know some articles of clothing are clearly over the line, wherever the line is.  And I know when I see a woman my age or older who is over the line, I feel sorry for her, for her failed attempt to retain her youth through clothing reserved for her daughter’s generation.  I never want anyone to look at me that way – with pity for an obvious attempt to turn the clock back with a pair of boots.

Should I wear them?  Could I wear them with jeans?  Would that be terrible?  No skin would be exposed – just boot and jeans? If the answer is no, tell me, and they’ll stay in my closet to be admired on rare occasion before I give them away to someone who can wear them with reckless abandon. 

Thank you in advance for your advice.

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4 comments on “Am I too old to wear that?
  1. I am no fashion police….never will be! I say WEAR THEM WITH PRIDE and ENJOY them!!! I think society has huge issues with many things, including appearances that make or break too many peoples comfort! If you like them and they are comfortable, wear them! I think they look nice, although I don’t do heels….and, yes, that is against the grain of society!

  2. Mindy (Clark) R. says:

    I think that of everyone I know, YOU would be the person that could wear them and WEAR THEM WELL.

    (I wouldn’t have guessed that you were 45….mid to late 30’s for sure! 😉 I vote you wear them!)

    Boots are so cute! I love ’em!

  3. Sylvia says:

    You can totally pull them off. You look no where near your age either. 🙂 You look great in whatever you wear.

  4. Emily says:

    If they fit, are comfortable and you feel good in them… Of Course You Should Wear Them! You don’t seem like the type to be over concerned with what people think. Why on this? I’m 46, they are not my style…. but if I had the bod I would. :0

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