Here’s your stocking stuffer this year!

blog imageIf your teenagers are like mine, they have cell phones.  They’re on their cell phones constantly.  And their brains, as is evident from their behavior (!) are not as developed as ours.  Why is this relevant to a stocking stuffer?  Because according to Dr. Oz and a doctor from the University of Utah named Dr. Orn Ghandi, the radiation from cell phones penetrates into the head of a child much deeper than an adult and can cause damage.

Look – I don’t know if cell phone usage will cause tumors in my kids, or me for that matter.  But I do know that minds immeasurably superior to mine think they might.  One doctor I read even said that we may be at the beginning of an epidemic of cell phone induced tumors.

So what can I do?  Neutralize the radiation.  That’s it.  I put this little sticker on the back of my cell phone called a Xzubi, and it neutralizes the radiation.  It’s like $15.00.  I got one for each of my kids, too.  I’m thinking stocking stuffer here.

So, if I’m wrong, it was $15.00.  But if I’m right and this technology becomes standard in the industry in a couple years, I protected them for those couple years – and protected their precious brains (which already have enough to challenge them, don’t you think?)

Happy holidays everybody.

3 comments on “Here’s your stocking stuffer this year!
  1. VilaD says:

    That sounds like a great idea for a stocking stuffer to me!

  2. I visited the website. Interesting information, thank you for sharing! I’ve also RTd it on twitter. That is not a huge investment for a just in case….

  3. Mark says:

    This is complete snake oil. It will not change the radiation emitted by your phone. Does the phone still work with the sticker on? If yes then it is still emitting the same radiation.

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