Imagine a Happier You

logo-imagineWomen think of debt like cellulite.  They don’t really know where it comes from or how to get rid of it, and they’re too embarrassed to ask anybody. 

This is my experience.  We women start to tune out whenever anyone starts talking about 401k’s or small and large caps or, heaven forbid, bonds!  We know we need to get our financial houses in order.  We worry about it constantly, sometimes to the point of affecting our health (and certainly our mood), but we don’t want to ask the wrong question in front of the wrong person.  We don’t want to feel stupid.

Introducing Imagine a Happier You.  Imagine a Happier You is a new website created by the Deseret Media Companies.  My CEO, a man named Mark Willes, decided that he wanted to use the resources of DMC (KSL TV and Radio, the Deseret News, Deseret Book, Deseret Digital Media and El Observador) to serve women, so he gathered women from each division and charged us with coming up with an idea that would help the women of Utah.  Imagine a Happier You is that idea.

We thought we’d address the issue of women and money first.  This year, we’re connecting women with resources to help them better manage their money.  And here’s the fun part.  We’re looking for three participants, women who are in a big, hairy financial mess (for whatever reason) and are willing to have experts help them out of that mess . . . in public.  We will follow these three women as they get out of debt or learn to budget or save for retirement.  They’ll blog regularly.  We’ll chat with them on the website.  I’ll do stories about them on KSL.  We’ll cheer for them as they get out of debt just like we do for the participants who lose weight on The Biggest Loser.

So – if money is an issue in your life (and isn’t it for so many of us?), whether your problems are large or small, log onto Imagine a Happier You and sign up, or start commenting, or just read.  I’ll be there.  And we’ll get some financial peace of mind together.

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